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Court Directs U.S. Marshals to Seize Righthaven Funds

A federal court in Nevada has issued a writ of execution authorizing the U.S. Marshals to use "reasonable force" to seize $63,720.80 in cash and/or assets of copyright troll Righthaven that sued scores of bloggers and tried to take their domain names for publishing too much of news articles and photographs from papers like the Denver Post and Las Vegas Review Journal which had ostensibly assigned their copyrights to the company.

The money is owed to the Randazza Legal Group which represented many of the bloggers. The court awarded the firm a judgment of $34,045.50 for legal fees in the case of Righthaven v. Hoehn, 11-cv-00050-PMP. Righthaven filed an appeal and asked for a stay, claiming the judgment would put them out of business and push them into bankruptcy.

The trial judge granted the stay provided Righthaven file a cost bond with the court for the amount of the $34,045.50 judgment by October 28, 2011. Righthaven didn't file the bond. Nor did it timely seek further relief from the 9th Circuit, or file a bankruptcy petition. Randazza went back to court yesterday for a writ of execution. [More...]

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RightHaven Loses Copyright Troll Suit in Colorado

U.S. Senior District Court Judge John Kane has granted summary judgment to a blogger-defendant in a copyright infingement lawsuit filed by Righthaven. The opinion is here.

Kane also ordered Righthaven to pay the blogger's legal fees and costs, which undoubtedly will be tens of thousands of dollars.

Righthaven filed 57 lawsuits in Colorado and 275 nationally. When it said these dismissal rulings might cause it to file bankruptcy, one enterprising blogger-defendant in Nevada filed a motion asking it be allowed to "seize Righthaven’s “bank accounts, real and personal property, and intangible intellectual property rights” so the company can't just "slither away." Another blogger is planning to go after Stephens Media. [More...]

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