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MN Supreme Court: Bong Water is Class 1 Drug Offense

A head-scratcher of an opinion (text here, pdf) from the MN Supreme Court today: Bong Water is an illegal drug.

Sarah Ruth Peck had 2.5 tablespoons of bong water in her bong. The water contained traces of Meth. The state charged her with a Class 1 drug offense, carrying a presumptive penalty of 86 months in prison, because the water weighed 37 grams, over the 25 gram threshold.

The trial court threw it out. The Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court. In a split decision today, the MN Supreme Court reversed and concluded the bong water is a mixture containing a controlled substance and reinstated the charge.

From the dissenting judge's opinion (which was joined by two other judges): [More...]

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